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Inspiration for a majority of Brady’s work originates from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With its distinct culture that words can’t explain without the possibility of being misunderstood, Brady uses art to convey his deep affection for the city.

His Cascade Series (Water Child Series) represents the spiritual warfare, the ramification of our bodies being polluted by medication, pollution, and the environment and the affects it has on our consciousness like toxins, too much preservatives, and drugs, both illegal and legal.

These things can directly affect our biorhythms like a bad moon or universal alignment and, as a result, affects psychology and one’s being. These factors can make a us overly religious, fanatical and impairing good judgment. Just as each individual sculpture is unique, so are we and using broad strokes to fix ailments medicinally could cause more harm than good and must not always rely on singular solutions.

The Oppression Series and Smoke Within Series follow the same notion also.

Ice Moon eBook

The eBook contains Glass Sculpture and mixed Media Sculpture.

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Brady Steward offers free programs for demonstrations and speaking engagements throughout the year. He recognizes that art must be shared and taught if it is to continue to grow. Contact him for availability and travel schedule. All lectures and demonstrations are free.



  • Frank A. Carlton Memorial Award
  • Ronald Katz Memorial Award
  • Louisiana State Levee Board Letter of Commendation for Saving Lives
  • Tyler School of Art, Scholarship Award
  • Pilcheck Glass School, Mr. and Mrs. William Saffire Scholarship
  • Tulane University Graduate School Scholarship
  • National Library of Poetry: Three Editors Awards (Hobby)


  • Pat and Suzy Rutherford (Rutherford Oil)
  • Randy Waesche (Resource Management Inc)
  • Arthur (President, CBS Division) and Kathryn Taylor (Vice President, RCA)
  • Philip and Charlene Carrol (CEO, Shell Oil Company)
  • Gene Koss (Professor, Tulane University)
  • Ron and Sally Forman (President, Audobon Institute)
  • Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)
  • Muhlenberg College (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pat Deacchaud (New Orleans, LA)
  • Kenneth Orce (Partner Cahil Law Firm, NYC)
  • Matt Adams (President of the Visual Arts Alliance)